Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

Week 22 summary: Repetition

Liberty's flower selection always makes me stop and stare // Final looks are done, yeah man. // Food situation with my babe Marie. We are food sisters, you were warned! // To escape my desk and workload for a day and get fresh air into my brain, I visited Kew Gardens with Marie on Saturday. It was so beautiful! really need to go again. So great to see so many plants and smell the sense of freshly mowed gras. The greenhouses are also quite spectacular. I love the fact how the doors and interior start to rust in orange tones due to the high humidity. We also shot some pictures there. Stay tuned for more... 

Nicht viel hat sich geändert seit letzter Woche, außer dass die Zeit immer knapper wird und ich wahrscheinlich immer weniger Energie habe. Noch geht es aber! Aufgrund von Zeitmangel kommt dieser Post trotz der letzen Ankündigung am vergangenen Samstag spät. Time, what is time?
Am 11.6. muss ich alles fertig haben, da ich dann auf's Download Festival gehe und am Montag gleich Abgabe ist. Das wird schon alles werden, immer positiv bleiben. Schließlich bin ich auch erst im ersten Jahr am LCF. Wie soll denn dann das letzte werden? Apropos Final Year, ich war endlich mal auf einer richtigen Graduate Show und es war echt toll. Unten seht ihr das Foto.
Also euch noch eine tolle stressfreie Woche und tolle Frühlingstage xx

Not much has changed since last week except  for the fact that time is flying (as usual) and my energy level is slowly sinking. But I'm okay. Even though I mentioned last time that I'd be posting on Sunday, that didn't work out; too much work and other things to accomplish.
On the 11th of June everything needs to be done so I can go to Download Festival and enjoy my time there without the painful thought of never-ending work on my mind. Stay positive, it'll all work out some way. How's it supposed to be in fourth and final year then? Speaking of that, I finally went to a proper graduate fashion show last week. It was really good, loved it. You can see a picture below.
So I wish you all now a lovely, stress-free week and beautiful Spring days xx

The typical "I'm a fashion student cliche"-look: Black. I love black. Black is my favorite color. Yas // Graduate fashion show of Ravensbourne college. Truly inspiring and also a little intimidating as to how far I need to push myself to get to this level of creativity and tailoring // Sunday: Nothing better than draping at 8.30 in the morning! // Inspo quote: "Don't be so hard on yourself. Know this for a fact: It is not easy to be human" - Daniel Saint - Well, Mr. Saint, I for one should take this quote into high consideration haha...

Song of the week: "Live Forever" - Oasis

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